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  'Mirage World'

World Fusion Band from Hamburg, Germany

We are Mirage World!

Five people - five countries - five cultures - together in one band. 

Mirage World is an international band with musicians from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds living in Hamburg, Germany. 

With our unique and distinctive sound we fuse and merge our music styles and our hearts. Our music explains the stories in different languages. It describes colourful worlds of feeling, bring courage and hope, or let you go with the flow. It is the music from the world, for the world.

In a natural way, through the composition of our band, we stand for art without borders and for the unity in diversity: to break down boundaries and connect our hearts in this challenging time.

 Our band is an example for the world, how we live our lives together – and shape our live with respect to each other, with acceptance and diversity. This is conveyed through our music.  


Wir sind Mirage World! 


Fünf Menschen - fünf Länder - fünf Kulturen - vereint in einer Band. 
Mirage World ist eine internationale Band mit fünf Musiker aus verschiedenen Kulturen und Ländern, die in Hamburg leben. 

Mit unserem einzigartigen und unverwechselbaren Sound vereinen und verschmelzen wir die Stilrichtungen und die Herzen. Unsere Musik erzählt Geschichten in verschiedenen Sprachen, beschreibt bunte Gefühlswelten, gibt Mut und Hoffnung, oder lässt den Zuhörer auch mal lässig mit dem Kopf wippen. Es ist Musik aus der Welt, für die Welt. 

Auf natürliche Weise, durch die Zusammensetzung unserer Band, stehen wir für grenzenlose Kunst, für Einheit in der Vielfalt. Gerade in Zeiten wie diesen halten wir das für besonders wichtig. Um Grenzen zu überwinden und Herzen zu verbinden.

Unsere Band ist ein Beispiel für die Welt, wie man ein gemeinsames Leben miteinander - mit gegenseitigem Respekt, Toleranz und Akzeptanz gestalten kann. Dies wird durch unsere Musik als Zeichen gesetzt!

2023 - 2024

The year 2023 has been a great journey for our band. 
We released our 8 singles and had live performances in new venues in Hamburg, Germany. 
In December 2023 we are involved in an interesting project for 2024 big event. 
Starting 2024 we had a radio interview with more than 1 million audience worldwide. Further information will be updated soon. 

We are grateful for all of the project opportunities and most importantly 
we appreciate the never ending supports from our families, friends, music networks, fans, followers, supporters and listeners of Mirage World all over the world.

Mirage World family wish you a great year 2024 and peace to the world. 


We are Mirage World Band from Hamburg, Germany.

What is our background stories?

Our guitarist and lead singer, Amir Soltani, hat fled his homeland Iran. As a young boy, he used to play Funk and Heavy-Metal music in private parties. „I used to have a Gibson guitar; the Iranian government has taken it away from me. I have been wondering, even until today, what they have done with my guitar. They have tried so far to forbid me from playing music. I had to leave my country behind and flee from the crazy world.” 
Edwin is our bassist and sound engineer. “Arriving from India, I was looking for a world fusion band in Hamburg and after a long wait I found Mirage World Band. As I was looking for an artistic approach and a band that does not have an identity crisis, I happen to discover that Mirage World Band had much more dynamic of life to offer the world other than just music. The music of all original compositions from this band sounds unique as we journey through different sonic cultures and elements of surprises. At last, I have found new friends and family in Hamburg that would fuel my artistic senses. I could offer my support to their cause of shedding our cultural identities to communicate with each other for 
a better and happier living.” 

How did we become a band?
 The universe has sealed the fate and all virtuoso musicians from all over the world have met in Hamburg. Amir and Muller met several times in 2019 at the jam sessions in some culture center in Hamburg (Zinnschmelze, Migrantpolitan - Kampnagel, Motte, Thalia Gausstrasse). Together with other musicians we started to form a music group and started to rehearse several oriental songs, mostly in Persian and Arabic languages.

We became friends and had more singers and musicians coming and leaving us. Plus, we started to perform in several venues and culture center in and around Hamburg.

Which music influences do we have? 

 Our music compositions get their influences from our own cultural backgrounds, from the European classical music to Latin jazz, from traditional Asian pentatonic scales to Persian middle east scales, from African rhythm to Ska-rock rhythm. We sing our songs in German, Farsi (Persian language), France and English, with more languages to come. 

Which milestones have we achieved so far?
We took part at the OXMOX Music Competition in 2019 and reached the final stage and performed at the world-famous hall "Große Freiheit 36" at the Reeperbahn, Hamburg.
During 2019 - 2021 we started to fix and complete the arrangement of our songs. In Summer 2021 we started our first recording and release our premiere single MIRAGE in August that year. Check out the song at our discography section of this website.
In 2023 we have released our 7 singles – 1 single each month. Together with our other songs in the working, we have at least 12 songs from our own composition, ready for every live concert we perform.  This year we are preparing more singles and even acoustic and remix versions of our released songs.

Who are the band members today?
In this year 2024, our band Mirage World consists of 5 persons: Amir, Vera, Ibo, Edwin, and Muller. Amir is our talented violin and guitar player. He studied music back in Iran, had a punk-ska rock band there and had to flee to Germany as that music are unfortunately forbidden in Iran. Together with Vera, they are our lead singers, and they compose most of the song texts. Vera studied music and had gathered lots of experiences as musical singer and does solo performances as well. Ibo (Ibrahim) is our drummer and our French singer. Ibo is the sought after drummer and percussionist all over Hamburg, yet his prime band is Mirage World. Edwin is not only our bassist, but also our sound engineer. Edwin has produced several albums back in Goa, India. He works as a sound engineer for famous venues in Hamburg and across Germany. So far, all songs are recorded and mastered by the Master Edwin himself. Muller is our keyboardist and our administration guy. So altogether we are living our independent music world. We bring our cultural and musical background to fuse into what we always call "Mirage Sound". People can say that we are presenting the world fusion music.

Curriculum Vitae


Address:                    Mirage World Band
                                    c/o Muller Manalu
                                    Bachstrasse 57, 22083 Hamburg 

E-Mail:                        [email protected] 
Mobile:                       +491772162470 (Muller)
Genre:                         World Fusion

Languages:                English, Farsi, German, French
GEMA Id.Nr.:              1068803642 

Our band members, starting in 2023:
Mr. Amir Soltanifard        Singer, Guitar, Violin
Mrs. Vera Weichel            Singer, Guitar
Mr. Ibrahim Nduwa          Drums, Percussions
Mr. Edwin Braganza         Bass, Sound Engineering
Mr. Muller Manalu            Keyboards, Piano

Mirage World Voices


„Musik ist unsere universelle Sprache und verbindet unsere Seelen. Wir leben unseren Traum und haben durch die Musik eine neue Familie gefunden”
Amir Soltani (Sänger, Gitarist)

"Ich finde es toll, gerade in dieser Zeit die Möglichkeit zu haben, mit so großartigen und unterschiedlichen Menschen Musik zu machen, die absolut unter die Haut geht.“
Vera Weichel (Sängerin, Gitarist)

"The music of all original compositions from this band sounds very interesting as we journey through different sonic cultures and elements of surprises. At last I have found friends in Hamburg, that would fuel my artistic senses."
Edwin Braganza (Bassist, Sound Engineer)