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Song - Jungle
Indiefferential Magazine
An amazing fusion of wonderful sounds and genres! This is what happens when great musicians come together, I love the various influences and all those great elements! Amazing work!
Looking forward to your future projects! We will share it on Instagram. It will also be featured in our printed magazine.

Song - Jungle
Punk Goes Pop Vol. 11 - 2023
I received your single "Jungle" here and would like to congratulate you on your work! The song has a very engaging vibe and the message about caring for our planet is very important these days.
It's admirable to see artists like you caring about such relevant issues and using your music as a form of awareness. It is exactly this type of initiative that can make a difference in the world.
I wish you all the best! Continue with this incredible and engaged work, I'm sure you will reach more and more people and make a difference with your music.

Song - Jungle

Queen Music

Wow , I can say that I've listened to your music with pleasure , it's obvious you are making good music and you are good at this . The general mood was kinda smooth  it made me dreamy and energy also , (shaked my  head  slowly while listening ) . At this point I can say you catch the vibe on this track . I am sure you can reach whatever you want in music ! 


Song - Jungle


I appreciate the simplicity of the melody and the high level of performance. I believe you have the potential to carve out your own path in the music industry. Your talent shines through, and the dynamic between you is captivating. I eagerly anticipate hearing more of your music in the future. 

Song - Goftam

Gokhan Music

I can say that this is a great track and I liked it . The vibe it gives is great , the melodic behind is so great and gives me an energetic  vibe , also your style  is perfect for the vibe . You are talented , keep making music !

Song - Goftam

Flame Music

Thanks a bunch for reaching out. Your melodic skills are impressive, and I really enjoyed your song. It gives off energy and dance vibes. You've got talent!

I appreciate your submission, and keep making awesome music. I'm sure there's a perfect place for it out there.

Song - Ocean


Hi, thanks for sharing your song with me. I liked the slow, calm tempo of the track - I felt relaxed and good after listening to it. Extremely easy and relaxed melody - you did a great job with the instrumental. A soft, melodious voice fits perfectly into it. I love this song. Wish you all the best.

Song - Adamak

Chris Maragoth

Cool tune with good instrumentals. Nice vocals.

Good mix and production quality 

Song - Walk into the Desert

Chilled Cat

Thanks for sending this by! I really enjoyed the tense melodies and cinematic progression this track had. 


Song - Walk into the Desert


Beautifully made record!  As someone who's Persian, this was really cool and actually showed it to my parents haha. 

Dammet Garm Daddash!